This project is orchestrated by the research team of NSYSU Siwan College. It focuses on fostering innovative and pioneering urban spirit based on the labor values of Kaohsiung. The project adopts two perspectives – local expression and global identification – and utilizes six tools – Write, D. Image, Comic, Craft, Play, and Dramatize – to link local and cultural practices and international issues.

Caoyua, Cianjhen, is an area that boasts both labor and pioneering spirit. Therefore, this area is adopted as the venue for local engagement. Local schools are invited to develop concrete and exciting activities that culminate in theatrics, markets, music, graphics, calligraphy, and crafts. The successful experiences of Caoyua, Cianjhen, will then be applied to Cishan, consolidating the resources of local schools and private organizations to achieve cultural cultivation and promotion. In terms of international connection, the project collaborates with universities located in transitioning cities that focus on urban-rural linkages, such as the University of Tsukuba and Chiba University in Japan, to introduce Geographical Solutions for Talent Cultivation、Aesthetics and Cultural Readings, and other relevant courses and jointly plan cross-domain preparatory courses. Moreover, the project addresses living space issues, cross-cultural exchange, and cross-domain courses to link local practices and international issues, thereby fulfilling the social responsibility of universities of providing local care by fostering cultural strength and deepening cultural identification.

Tean Si Wan College

Principal investigator Professor Dun-How TSAI

Co-principal investigator Professor Ying-Yao CHENG、Assistant Professor Shi-Chi YANG

Sub-principal investigator Associate Professor Shih-Chian HUNG、Assistant Professor Yi-Shin WU

Contact  Chi-Fang WU 0956-825-851