• 1. Social Practice


    NSYSU strives for the development of marine sciences and technology through education, ecological protection, and underwater environmental research and archelogy; as well as cooperation with the industry for further progress and promotion.



    With goals in “Accessible Education for the Minority”, “Environmental Sustainability” and “Cross-Generational Collaboration,” the university works with local schools and community groups to promote multifaceted education and creativity.



    NSYSU integrates social, cultural, educational and managerial transdisciplinary organization and expertise, with “the Study of Kaohsiung” as the core concept, to create local place identity and cultural value.



    To bring information technology into farming and cultural arts industries, NSYSU aids in the planning of new-material circular economy industrial development areas, promotes both a club and an artificial intelligence alliance for industry and academia, and encourages on-campus entrepreneurships.



    The university extends the spirit of “Local Fulfillment of Public Affairs” by thoroughly understanding issues in regional development and brainstorming solutions through a collaboration among the government, the university, and civic groups.

  • Education and Research

    Innovative teaching system and cross-domain integration

    Transcending the conventional sub-disciplinary education framework, promoting cross-disciplinary knowledge, and establishing various cross-disciplinary courses through Si-Wan Collage and collaboration learning


    Social practice bibliographic database

    Consolidating international and domestic academic journals on social practice and assisting the university in promoting the publication of social practice-related research results


    Social practice conference

    Periodically organizing annual international conferences on social practice to diversify the interaction between social practice actions and experiences


    Translation and co-construction of academic systems

    Developing participatory action research models and introducing university knowledge into communities through the actions and investigations of project teams; reconstructing the university knowledge system based on feedback to conform academia to social practices

  • Administrative Integration

    Integration of departments and specializations

    Organizing regular meetings and exchange activities to enabling teachers from different disciplines to share their professional and execution experiences and to assimilate information and external demands


    Optimization of the incentive system

    Using an attractive incentive system to encourage teachers, researchers, workers, and students to participate in courses and activities related to exercising social responsibilities


    Establishment of the Social Engagement Center

    Establishing “NSYSU Social Engagement Center” to promote and integrate the various social practice projects in the university and assimilate social engagement theory and practice