Kaohsiung has always been a leading port city in modernization due to its geographical location and development of trade and transportation. The unity between Kaohsiung City and the Port of Kaohsiung provides Kaohsiung with unique conditions for future development. This project aims to draw from the experiences of prosperous port cities in South Asia to fuel Kaohsiung’s cultural and tourism development.

This project comprises three strategies, namely, “shaping port city cultural imagery,” “port city branding and marketing,” and “consolidating marine industry networks.” Using in-depth cultural tourism as the focus of port city transformation, this project will address issues concerning the brand management and marketing planning of cultural imagery. Courses on research methodology, East Asian modernity, tourism sociology, and urban governance and transformation will be consolidated, and field surveys on prosperous East Asian port cities, such as Yokohama, Busan, and Singapore, will be carried out. Investigations into local tourism resources and expert interviews will be carried out to determine expected benefits and establish history and cultural archives, thereby enhancing students’ cross-disciplinary thinking and practical applications. Forums will be held to put forward policies and jointly promote urban development.