This project aims to build a rural platform ecosystem and business model for young farmers operating small and medium farms in Kaohsiung and Pingtung to connect and consolidate local users through technology and achieve public welfare transformation. To integrate local resources, demonstrate areas are created to attract like-minded and willing young farmers to establish organizations, form consensus, and learn about technological applications and platform ecosystem operation, thereby improving farmers’ competency and activity value while reducing uneven market prices. This project aims to integrate industry chains and promote collaboration to produce synergy and reduce the entrepreneurial threshold for young farmers, thereby enhancing the efficiency of agricultural chains, increasing the value of agricultural products, and improving overall competitiveness. Besides collaboration at the agricultural production end, this project aims to link consumption channels and consolidate physical and virtual distribution channels to eliminate uneven market prices and boost the revenue of farmers.

Team Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Technologies

Principal investigator Professor Jen-her WU

Co-principal investigator Professor Shyh-Jer CHEN、Associate Professor Zi-Li XIA(Cheng Shiu University)、Associate Professor Ming-Zhe HSIEH(National Taitung University)、Wei-Jun DAI(Institute for information industry RISD)

Contact Chiao-Shin SHIH (07)5252000#4545