• Under the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) USR Program, the second stage of the original USR seed program has been integrated into the Good Social Responsibility item under the Higher Education SPROUT Project since 2020. Universities are responsible for supporting the incubation. In NSYSU, the Social Engagement Center undertakes to coordinate the work and develop the University’s overall USR development plan and foundation.


    NSYSU expects to keep a consistent effort to foster its USR team and create a social engagement atmosphere that upholds a people orientation and based upon local needs. It is also hoped that the University could fulfill its social responsibility to the best in a humanistic care approach and by offering assistance to solve regional problems.


    The Project content includes: figuring out Kaohsiung’s modernization progress and its industrial context and culture, and establishing Kaohsiung as a harbor city brand in East Asia for making connection in the East Asian region; working on the revival of new life, culture, and industries in Yuanxiang, Wutai (a mountain area in Pingtung), which was destroyed due to Typhoon Morakot; supporting a group of rural entrepreneurs in Jhutian Township on the Pingtung plain who care about agriculture and the land, and are working hard for the development of their hometown.