This project aims to develop a social engagement and education methodology for local talent cultivation in the Pingtung Plain area of Southern Taiwan in three years. The introduction of technical experts and innovators in the secondary and tertiary industries will be the key to the success of local revitalization in rural areas. In 2018, the project team assisted farmers in the Pingtung area in establishing an agriculture innovation market, training 30 rural entrepreneurs, and establishing a community of 75 farmers. The project team anticipates building a rural entrepreneur cultivation center near Zhutian Train Station. This entrepreneur regeneration hub will become the cradle for fostering rural entrepreneurs.

(中文) 第一年

規劃並執行「青與鄉村創業 」課程。以竹田為場域,參考歐盟發展模型(鄉村創業環境、歷程家特質)台灣本土地方生人才培力教材與個案。



規劃並執行「開放式創新與鄉 村發展」課程。將一成果複製到另個鎮、增加第二座場域,參考開放式創新理論(社群合作與共)發展台灣本土化鄉村型地方創生人才培力教材與個案。



規劃並執行「創新商業模式與鄉村發展」課程。再增加個場域,參考開 放式創新商業模理論發展台灣本土化鄉村型地方生人才培力教材與個案。