The project team engaged in the Caoya (hereafter referred to as “Qiancao”) Community of Cianjhen through life content design. The team adopts digital tools as the media for engaging with local middle and elementary schools in designing local exploration activities and curricula. The project aims to achieve “agenda-oriented learning, self-learning, transdisciplinary learning, local engagement, and local care” while helping the various generations of people residing in the Caoya area to “re-recognize” the area where they grew up.

The labor industries of the Caoya area were invigorated, and labor value was increased through education, work, and community management. The project aims to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8: “Decent Work and Economic Growth.”

In the future, high-quality education will be the focus of development so that students can become learners that actively explore contexts and learn from experience.

(中文) 結合課程:服務學習-文化設計與社區實作、地方文化典藏與報導應用