NSYSU’s Cijin Social Engagement Center is built on a former dormitory site for technicians working in a naval shipyard. The site was renovated, and a cultural and creative space was created by the collective efforts of NSYSU teachers and students.

The Center has since held various community events, art exhibitions and performances, and cultural revival workshops. It has rekindled energy into the area, becoming a cultural highlight for the students and residents of Cijin alike. The project team collaborates with local organizations and the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University, to transform the existing kitchen in the center into Cijin Kitchen, whereby local folk stories are told on the windows and doorframes.

The team collaborated with Kaohsiung First Community College to renovate an old house on Tongshan Road into a bookstore. The bookstore serves as a space for people to enrich themselves culturally and for children to engage in extracurricular reading.