The Department of Sociology at NSYSU has been engaged in the long-term research of local cultural development in Kaohsiung. The team found a unique fishing culture in Cijin in the form of “big-catch flags.”

Early big-catch flags were created by hand. Now, they are screen-printed or computer-printed, which has led to the gradual decline of this unique art introduced during the Japanese colonial period. The team consulted with experts across Taiwan on the creation of big-catch flags and invited Japanese flag makers to Taiwan to exchange experiences. To promote the big-catch flag culture to the world, a new team was organized – Shan Jin Wu.

The graphics and text of big-catch flags are incorporated into cultural and creative products through screen-printed, and customers can create custom flags themselves. Shan Jin Wu often collaborates with the Tourism Bureau and other organizations in hosting local and cultural experiences. The team was invited to Japan and Thailand to partake in their cultural and tourism exhibitions and promote the unique local cultures of Kaohsiung.

(中文) 結合課程:走讀旗津、社區文創設計