Yancheng Summer Festival

The project team has created an art exhibition on the streets of Yancheng by combining geographical features and demands, incorporating technologies and art into the streets, drawing on the innovations of university students, physically visiting stores and interviewing residents, and instilling the emotions cultivated in the process into art creations. Through this art festival, participants are able to connect to the locality of Yancheng differently.

Street Playground – Yancheng Children’s Street Parade

With the objectives of achieving toy innovation and organizing a street parade for children, the project team successfully launched the “Street Playground – Yancheng Children’s Street Parade” thematic activity. The team also observed the children in the parade as they taught adults how to play games. Designers and carpenters were invited as consultants in the design and innovation of children’s toys.

(中文) 結合課程:創意街區發展與設計思考、藝術行政與活動企劃、跨領域創新專題(一)