Lane 60, Dengshan Street – Historical Corridor and Slide

Lane 60, Dengshan Street, is rich in historical and cultural heritage. The area was re-distributed to NSYSU in 1998 to be used as campus grounds. During the restructuring of the area by the Department of Urban Planning, Kaohsiung City Government, in 2018, a historical corridor and slide were constructed. The NSYSU was tasked with maintaining and managing the area, as well as organizing guided tours. People can experience the history of Takao Port during the Qing Dynasty and Japanese rule.

Sizihwan Tunnel and Bomb Shelter

Sizihwan Tunnel, formerly known as Shoushan Tunnel, was designed and built by Umino Sanjiro in 1927. The tunnel was once a key tunnel connecting Hamaxin and the beaches of Sizihwan. Now, it serves as an access point for NSYSU and a symbol of the area. Besides the main tunnel, numerous air raid tunnels branch out under Shoushan. The entire Sizihwan Tunnel and the air raid tunnels are historic structures by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government. The air raid tunnels are currently managed by the NSYSU Social Engagement Center. The center is gradually renovating the tunnels and reinforcing safety and lighting facilities. What was once a prohibited area, a portion of the air-raid tunnels are now being used as irregular venues for school outings and art and culture events.

(中文) 2019年 隧道展覽活動

6/7-6/13 高大建築畢業設計成果展【築溫】

10/5-10/13 高雄電影館-2019高雄電影節特別企劃-坑道電影院【戰歷光影】

12/28-02/23 小西灣藝穗節【常事】