NSYSU Institute of Public Affairs Management fully understands the challenges in Cishan and its locational advantages that can be developed. Based on the local revitalization policy announced by the National Development Council, the Institute of Public Affairs Management assisted in the planning of “The Miracle of Bananas in Cishan – Promotion Plan for Regional Revitalization Policy in Cishan District, Kaohsiung City.

” The project consolidates the resources of Cishan District Office, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, young farmers in the community, and local businesses to launch five development projects, namely, “Local Revitalization and Business Cooperation Platform and Operations,” “Cishan Banana Industry Value-Added Research and Development and CO-Creation Cultivation Project,” “Production Technologies and Brand Development for Young Farmers in Cishan,” “Information Support and Tourism Promotion in Intermediary Towns and Cities of Cishan,” and “Cishan Rice Mill Revitalization and Development Project.” The purpose of these projects is to achieve local revitalization in Cishan.