In collaboration with Nanshan Community and Dalin Community in Cishan, the Institute of Public Affairs Management assisted Nanshan Community in restandardizing the production procedures for its lychee wood tableware and stationery to resolve the problems molding and infestation and redesigning the packaging to improve marketability.

These efforts were combined with community tourism to create a travel itinerary.

Using the lemon – a characteristic crop of Dalin Community – as a value-added industrial concept, the Institute assisted Dalin Community in designing a community mascot.

Local stories and interviews were compiled into “Community Memoires,” and the “Care for My Darlin” initiative was implemented to add value to the community’s agricultural products while enhancing community image.

(中文) 結合課程:公共事務管理實務體驗學習課程、地方創生與區域治理微學程