The NSYSU partnered with Wutai Township Office to cascade local revitalization policies, proposing six major collaborative platforms for local revitalization and business cooperation, namely, “Youth Returning Home,” “Talent Cultivation and Youth Engagement,” “Brand Integration, Promotion, and Marketing,” “Local Resource Inventory,” “Promotion and Execution,” and “Establishment of Business Connections.”

Local communities, groups, and featured industries were introduced into the cooperative mechanism to achieve the continuous promotion of local revitalization. Amidst these efforts, eight tangible industrial projects were launched, namely, “Rukai Roya Business Project, “Hayouxi River Tracing Business Project,” “Rukai Living Museum Project,” “Pastoral and Manpower Regeneration Project,” “River Park Business Project,” “Understory Economic and Industrial Plan,” ” Hot Spring Business Development Project,” and “Cultural Asset Preservation Project – Stone Tablets.” The team hopes to utilize the natural resources of Wutai and the art and culture of the Rukai to create green and pure brands unique to Wutai and help Wutai tribespeople find their way home through culture, nature, and economics