The Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 20) is a crucial route connecting Kaohsiung and Taitung. The highway was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot in 2009 and has been closed to this day, impacted the natural environment and economy along this route. With the completion of the highway restoration project, the NSYSU is collaborating with various local entities to integrate traffic routes in this area and consolidating the revitalization demands of Meinong, Shanlin, Jiashian, Liugui, and Taoyuan to return the region to its former glory by introducing talent, upgrading production and marketing, and promoting cultural tourism.

Introducing talent

The team will establish a local revitalization promotion office to recruit and station talent in the region. The primary responsibilities will be to handle various revitalization tasks, serve as a bridge for connecting local organizations and schools with external resources, and assist in the promotion of local revitalization plans.


Upgrading production and marketing

The team will build a promotion platform for local products to assist in product processing and counseling and improve product value. A dedicated marketing team will also be assembled to establish different marketing channels.


Promoting cultural tourism

The team plans to host the “Nanheng Land Art Festival” to consolidate art exhibitions and performance, landscape art, and local attracts at various dimensions and create exciting sightseeing experiences.