• Promotion of Industrial Economy

    To assist in the planning of the Circular Economy Industrial R&D Zone for New Materials, promote the Siwan Industry-Academic Collaboration Club and the AI Research-Industry Alliance, augment the campus startup initiative, and expand the industry-university cooperation for additional value, the University has linked up with regional academic and research resources to bolster the well-heeled prospect of the science parks in greater Kaohsiung region.


    Information technology is applied to the traditional rural industry and the artistic cultural works, assisting each region to categorize and decompose key critical activities in its agricultural platform and ecology system, in order to boost the value activities in the traditional industrial chain. Connection is made with Kaohsiung artistic groups and cultural venues to construct an exchange platform. By analyzing the current status of the artistic and cultural industry in Kaohsiung and Pingtung through behavior data, the marketing and promotion efforts are augmented and people’s cultural literacy is enhanced.