• Collaboration in Local Governance

    The city government, district offices, and the university are working together to converge local consensus through consultative meetings and workshops, helping students to access community stations for a better understanding of the local development, and thereby turning out solutions based on local needs. In conjunction with the placemaking project, the University assists townships in Kaohsiung and Pingtung in consolidating local characteristics and advantages and helps revitalize the places. The University has initiated the Cooperative Empowerment and Extension Service (CEES) program, pooling together CSR and USR resources to foster a sustainable social responsibility development.


    As the National Development Council officially launches the “placemaking” policy, NSYSU has coordinated with all departments and institutes, as well as professional teams of the University, with Vice President I-Yu Huang acting as the convener, to plan and push for placemaking proposals in connection with various administrative districts of Kaohsiung and Pingtung.

  • (中文) 同時因應國家發展委員會正式推動「地方創生」政策,中山大學以黃義佑副校長為召集人,結合社會學系、公共事務管理研究所、社會實踐與發展研究中心等校內專業團隊,透過舉辦工作坊與共識營、和在地團體深度對談、以及計畫書的整合撰寫,連結高雄市旗津區、旗山區、美濃區、杉林區、甲仙區、六龜區、桃源區和屏東縣霧臺鄉等八個行政區,共同規劃及爭取地方創生提案。